Poem by Mir Dard

This is an old school project. I translated one of my favorite Urdu poem.

Poem by Mir Dard

It was a school or temple, or was it Makkah or a church.
We were all guests, only you were the host.

Oh! How sad it is. I found just before death.
It was only a dream, what I saw. It was only a fairy tale, what I heard.

How sad it is that autumn is in the garden.
There was some grass, which was my friend.

This place is getting chaotic with all these people coming and going.
My heart used to be the place for your peace.

It is useless to remember them, try to be happy.
Dard, it is not important if they remember me or not.

Broken Dreams by Junoon

This is one of my favorite song by Junoon. I am not sure if I translated this or copied from somewhere. Google search shows only my site.

As I turn back, my eyes dampen
When I realized my incomplete life

My life became clear to me
Broken promises
Deserted dreams
Broken promises
Seek time’s tender shade

Yesterday too, was in ruins
Now is deserted as well
Life asks for a moment of support

Damp memories
Won’t let me sleep due to grief
Damp memories
Won’t let me live.

Oneness of Humanity

This is one of my favorite poem. It was written in Urdu by Josh Malih Abadi. I translated it for my English class in college.

O my friend, a heart does not need hate.
All love good but do not even hate bad.

Who does not want the softness of flowers?
But do not be afraid of sharpness of thorns.

There is same blood in the veins of the thorn.
It is brought up by same evening breeze of the spring.


Do not throw away dying flowers.
Yesterday, they were the glamor of the garden.

Once they were also part of the world of perfumes.
O passerby! Do not kick dust on their leaves.

Though they are no longer in the feast.
They were raised in the laps of same morning breeze.


Living or not living, all are basically one.
Earth and heavens, both were made from one.

There are millions of idol, but God is one.
All hearts are different, but feeling is one.

Clothes are same, but shops are different.
Meanings are same, but languages are different.


The lightkeeper is also human.
And the one who is lost in the dark sea is also human.

The best friend is also human.
And the worst enemy is also human.

It doesn’t matter if you run away from death or life.
But, O Human! Never run away from humans.