Help Me Decide, Today!

November 2, 2017

I have been learning Laravel for work. I was playing with Laravel back in 2011 but then got distracted with other stuff. In my view, the best way to learn new technologies to create a something with it.

As an indecisive person who rather enjoys collecting data instead of actually making a decision, I decided to build a website that helps with decision making process. I have used different formulas and methods for helping with decision making. When I was buying TV I had stats like pixels per dollar or inches per lb in a spreadsheet. Collecting that data was fun but it was not still clear what each stat really meant.

I have found the best system for me is to rank various pros and cons of each option and use that to assign points to the options. So I wanted to convert this system into a website that can be used by anyone and let me play with Laravel. So here it is: Help Me Decide, Today!

I am not a frontend developer, so UI is simple. It uses jQuery & Bootstrap CSS. There are a few issues with ranking page. I will fix that one day, but for now it should work.

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