Magento – Get All Products with Categories in a Flat View

April 21, 2016

SELECT w1.website_id, as website_name, s1.store_id, as store_name, p1.entity_id as product_id, p1.sku, pname.value as product_name, url.value as url_path, small_image.value as small_image, msrp.value as msrp_price, price.value as price, p1.created_at as product_created_at, p1.updated_at as product_updated_at, visibility.value as visibility, pstatus.value as status, case when (pstatus.value = 1 and visibility.value > 1) then 1 else 0 end as enable_flag, c1.entity_id as category_id, cname.value as category_name, c1.parent_id, c1.created_at as category_created_at, c1.updated_at as category_updated_at FROM catalog_product_entity p1 inner join eav_attribute p_attr ON p1.entity_type_id = p_attr.entity_type_id and p_attr.attribute_code = ‘name’ inner join catalog_product_entity_varchar pname ON pname.entity_id = p1.entity_id and pname.attribute_id = p_attr.attribute_id inner join eav_attribute p_attr2 ON p1.entity_type_id = p_attr2.entity_type_id and p_attr2.attribute_code = ‘url_path’ inner join catalog_product_entity_varchar url ON url.entity_id = p1.entity_id and url.attribute_id = p_attr2.attribute_id and pname.store_id = url.store_id inner join eav_attribute p_attr3 ON p1.entity_type_id = p_attr3.entity_type_id and p_attr3.attribute_code = ‘small_image’ inner join catalog_product_entity_varchar small_image ON small_image.entity_id = p1.entity_id and small_image.attribute_id = p_attr3.attribute_id and pname.store_id = small_image.store_id inner join eav_attribute p_attr4 ON p1.entity_type_id = p_attr4.entity_type_id and p_attr4.attribute_code = ‘msrp’ inner join catalog_product_entity_decimal msrp ON msrp.entity_id = p1.entity_id and msrp.attribute_id = p_attr4.attribute_id and pname.store_id = msrp.store_id inner join eav_attribute p_attr5 ON p1.entity_type_id = p_attr5.entity_type_id and p_attr5.attribute_code = ‘price’ inner join catalog_product_entity_decimal price ON price.entity_id = p1.entity_id and price.attribute_id = p_attr5.attribute_id and pname.store_id = price.store_id inner join eav_attribute p_attr6 ON p1.entity_type_id = p_attr6.entity_type_id and p_attr6.attribute_code = ‘visibility’ inner join catalog_product_entity_int visibility ON visibility.entity_id = p1.entity_id and visibility.attribute_id = p_attr6.attribute_id and pname.store_id = visibility.store_id inner join eav_attribute p_attr7 ON p1.entity_type_id = p_attr7.entity_type_id and p_attr7.attribute_code = ‘status’ inner join catalog_product_entity_int pstatus ON pstatus.entity_id = p1.entity_id and pstatus.attribute_id = p_attr7.attribute_id and pname.store_id = pstatus.store_id inner join catalog_category_product ccp ON ccp.product_id = p1.entity_id inner join catalog_category_entity c1 ON c1.entity_id = ccp.category_id inner join eav_attribute c_attr ON c1.entity_type_id = c_attr.entity_type_id and c_attr.attribute_code = ‘name’ inner join catalog_category_entity_varchar cname ON cname.entity_id = c1.entity_id and cname.attribute_id = c_attr.attribute_id and pname.store_id = cname.store_id inner join catalog_category_product_index store1 ON store1.product_id = p1.entity_id and store1.category_id = c1.entity_id inner join core_store s1 ON store1.store_id = s1.store_id inner join core_website w1 ON s1.website_id = w1.website_id

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