Here are a few my personal projects.

Simpler Photo Food Logger

This summer I was diagnosed with IBS. Doctor asked me to keep track of everything I eat and my symptoms. There are tons of apps for tracking your food but they were a bit to cumbersome to use. I didn’t need to track everything precisely, as my symptoms were not that bad.

The easiest thing for me was to take photo of everything I eat. Then if I was experiencing any symptoms, I would just scroll through my photos and kind of get idea what might have triggered my symptoms. This led me to design a simple app that was focused solely on picture taking. However, my Android skills were not great. I end up outsourcing most of the work to get it finished asap.

I am slowly improving it, it is a lot fun working with Android.

Help Me Decide, Today

Sometimes, I am very indecisive. I have used various formulas and spreadsheets to weigh various options. My favorite method is to sort pros & cons of each option and then choose the option with more highly rated pros and few least desirable cons. It tedious but seems to work for me. I had hacked together spreadsheets and then used a simple PHP script but finally decided to actually build a decent site. Just in case it can help someone else. To be fair, I am also interested in gathering data about various questions people struggle with it.

It is written in Laravel, my new favorite PHP framework. It should have been a Single Page App, but my javascript skills are weak. My goal is to slowly convert this into a SPA.

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