My name is Amer Khalid, and I am a Software Engineer at Scribd, based in Frisco. I live with my wife, our two boys, and our dog.

I’m among the fortunate few who turn their passion into a paycheck. I truly enjoy the thrill of building new features and debugging hard to find bugs. My tech stack at work includes Ruby on Rails, Golang, GraphQL, and React.

For personal projects, I aim for a minimalist, terminal-centric approach. I plan to transition to using remote servers as my primary workstations, accessed via a lightweight iPad. This limits me to certain projects such as algorithmic trading, generative AI, low level programming, etc.

However, it will be a while before I can 100% live in terminal. I am also interested in gamedev and been learning Godot, lately.

No analytics code here. For comments or queries, reach out at hello@amerkhalid.com.

I’m occasionally active on the following social media platforms. There might be other profiles out there, but I mainly use these:

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