My name is Amer Khalid, and I am a Software Engineer at Scribd, based in Frisco. I live with my wife, our two boys, and our dog.

I’m among the fortunate few who turn their passion into a paycheck. My tech stack at work includes Ruby on Rails, Golang, GraphQL, and Next.js.

For personal projects, I aim for a minimalist, terminal-centric approach. I would love to transition to using remote servers as my primary workstations, accessed via a lightweight iPad. But this limits me to certain types of projects. This would be fine but my other interest include making video games, and I am not sure how that would work out.

Online privacy is really important to me and I am trying to build websites with no 3rd party analytics or social media cookies. I use self hosted analytics software with maximum privacy settings. No cookies needed.

For comments or queries, reach out at hello@amerkhalid.com.

Here are my social media profile links but I am not very active on any. There might be other accounts out there, but these are the one that I occasionally check:

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